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周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优

原标题:周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优


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Good morning everyone. Standing here, I'm very happy and excited. It's my great honor to be here to present my lesson, and the chance is very precious for me. And I'll try my best. Now I will introduce myself briefly, my name is________ , born 唐竹秋in ________ province. I was graduated from ____袁明被打____,my major is________,and I got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 2012, I spend most of my time on study, I have passed CET4、TEM4. and I have acquired basic k周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优nowledge of my major during my school time. I'm capable of more responsibilities.

My character? I cannot describe it well, but I know I am optimistic 戴志国and confident. I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work简马玉玺 under great pressure, sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but I am not lonely, I like to chat with my classmates, almost talk everything, my favorite pastime is volleyball, playing cards or surf online. Through college life,I learn how to balance between study and entertainment. To be an English teacher is my dream, so now I am standing here.

Today I'll talk about unit  9 , the topic is about saving our earth, my contents  consists  of  8  parts ,the lesson is focused on the topic of the problems of the earth. I will talk about it from 


Analysis of the teaching material 

Analysis of the students

Teaching methods

Teaching aims and demands

Teaching aids teaching aids

Teaching procedure

Blackboard design


Well, firstly, I'll talk about part 1 analysis of the teaching material.

1 . there are a lot pictures. For this, the kids will be i周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优nterested in the book. As we all know that interest is best teacher for the students. 

2. It lays stress on the communication. According to the problem of Chinese students learning English, the book design a lot of material to improve the students' ability of listening speaking, reading, and writing. So I think the book is very go亚煞极之心od. 

Then I'll talk about next part analysis of the students. It is known to us that the kids are very active and like playing games very much, so during my class, I'll design some interesting games to activate them to participate and learn something. They will also be interested in th群众创业葬送了多少人e class. 

Next I'll talk about teaching methods. My teaching methods are task-based approach and situational approach. Using different methods can make the class active. 

Let's move on to another part, teaching aims and demands. There are knowledge aims and ability aim. Knowledge aims are to enable the students to master the words and phrases… And the sentences… 

Knowledge Aims

1. Talk about nature, ecology and the environment.

2. Make the Ss know the Earth Summit and the importance of the environment.

3. Further develop students' reading ability as well as listening and speaking abilities.

4. Make the Ss learn some useful words and e宋华羽xpressions. 

5. Arouse the Ss to take better care of the earth.

(1) To enable the Ss to understand and speak this top周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优ic: 

Saving the earth   make sure that Ss can use useful  expressions in real situations.

We must make sure that…   

I am all for…

Sure/ certainly/Absolute

It's clear that…

If nothing is done…, then…

It would be better if we…

I believe that we must…周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优&nbs周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优p;

I can't imagine that…. 

Is there a better way to…

(2) To help Ss to learn Make Ss lea达睿思成果剖析归纳体系rn some useful words and expressions as well as inversion.

Ability aims  

Ability aims are to improve students' listening and speaking ability by reading and joining activities.

(1) To develop Ss' abilities of lis熊益军tening and speaking

(2) To train the Ss' ability of working in groups

(3) To foster Ss' abilities of communication 

Emotional Aims 

(1)To build Ss' senses of good co-operation and care of our earth.

(2) To lead Ss to show their loveliness to the poor.

Now I'm going to talk about next part is the teaching aids .In this class, I'll use pictures, PPT and tape recorder. These can arouse the students' interest in English. 

Now I'll talk about most important part t邪性总裁晚上见eaching procedure.

New English proverb said that the students are real master. In this lesson they are English learners and real master .So teacher should act as a guider, an organizer and a director who play a role when necessary in teaching procedure. In my English Plan,  It consists of 5 steps. Warming up, lead-in, contents key points and difficult points and homework. 

Step1 is warming up

Here I'll use PPT to play an English song Bingo for the students and I'll ask them try to follow it to sing together. By this, the students can be interested in it and pay their attention to our class easily and improve their 周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优ability of speaking. 

Free talk between T and Ss江疏影性感 about problems what we are facing in the classroom.

Step2 is lead-in


1. At the beginning, Begin the class by showing some pictures of serious environmental problems. Now the earth is being seriously polluted.

2. Ask the Ss some questions. 

What’s the biggest problem facing the earth? Why do you think so?

What causes the problem?

What are the" big three”? Do you know of any other major problems facing the earth?

What can we do solve the problem? 

Step 3 is contents

(本部分为首要授课周瑜,英语教学 | 英语教师全英文说课稿全能模板(附下载),吴优内容及安排的讲堂活动。可从听说读写四块分写)

After the reading, students will have some practices. It will be the most interesting part to students. Why? Because I will leave students time to talk together.

1.  The students are divided into several groups and there are four in each group with different roles. 

Student A will act as      Citizen       

Student B will act as     Businessman:        

Student C will act as     Scientist:      &穿低胸装简单面试nbsp; 

Student D will have a summarize.

4. Ask the Ss use these useful expressions:

Step 4 is key points and difficult points



(1) To help Ss ask and answer the question:             

(2) To enable Ss to study in groups and co-operate skillfully. 

(3) To develop Ss’ interest in English.

Teaching important points


1) New words and phrases 

2) Talking about problems of ……

3) Develop their communicative ability. Act out their own 

4) Grammar: There are Inversion sentences in this lesson. We can see from the sentences that...

1. Among the speaker wasChina’s then Premier Zhu Rongji, who stressed the need 私密部位for equality and fairness in the world.

2.  Only by changing the way we live can we save the earth.

3. Had I known that air conditioners cause so much pollution, I would never have bought one.

4. Not until we know more will we be able to improve the si周芳芳霸座tuation.

5. A b我斗鹰归队etter understanding of the environment is necessary, as is the willingness to act.

Step 5 Blackboard Design

Blackboard design should be thought for a thing that attract the student’s attention and let them to write down the important teaching points. I will divide the blackboard into two parts .The left part will be used to write the important vocabulary and grammar and their usage. It will be reserved fo刘奔海r the whole class. The right part will be precious explanation, I will write some sentence of the words, phrases and structures to explain their meaning.

Step 6 is homework


Write a speech paragraph to tell what you think the most serious environment problem is. Explain why you think the problem is serious and what you think should be done to solve it.

Step 7 is conclusion

We human beings shou换女友ld take good care of our planet, because it is the only place we can survive. Love th益可粒e earth, love ourselves, more importantly; we need action to save the earth.

No matter which steps are taken, the purpose is to provide teacher and students with information and internal demand to improve teaching s周连悦kill and learning quality. Strategy and approach will help students become more independent and the successful learner.

To be a good teacher is my dream; I think a teacher is not only a guide for the students, but also a friend of them. If I were a teacher, I would build a close relation with my students, helping them not only on their study, but also on their lives. I’ll try my best and I’m confident that I can be a good teacher.





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